Staff and Trustees | Police Retirement System of St. Louis

Board of Trustees
October 31, 2018

Det. Wallace K. Leopold, Chairman
Sgt. James H. Long, Retired, Secretary
Sgt. Mickey A. Owens
P.O. Stephen J. Schroeder
Sgt. James R. Wurm , Retired
Sgt. Michael A. Frederick, Retired
Ms. Beverly Fitzsimmons, Deputy Comptroller
Ms. Kelly Camilleri
Mr. Richard Kismer


Mr. Stephen G. Olish, Executive Director
   The Police Retirement System of St. Louis
   2020 Market Street
   St. Louis, MO 63103
   (314) 241-0800
   E-mail Steve

Ms. Cheryl Donofrio, Assistant Executive Director
Ms. Ellie Downs, Senior Payroll Specialist
Ms. Kelly Briley, Benefits Specialist III
Ms. Yevette Cooper, Benefits Specialist III

Ms. Caitlin Dorris, Receptionist