The Police Retirement System of St. Louis, Missouri

Site work preparatory to the construction of the MLS stadium has begun in earnest, and Market Street, which is the only arterial access point for to the PRS office, is likely to be restricted for many weeks and months to come.

As many of you may know, access to the PRS parking lot goes through the Maggie O’Brien’s entrance.  The restrictions on Market Street may result in that entrance being blocked during parts of any given day.

If the entrance to Maggie O’Brien’s is blocked, there may be alternative access points to our parking lot from either 20th Street or 21st Street, although not all that convenient.

Along 20th Street, there is an alley running behind Maggie O’Brien’s which is sometimes available to gain access to their lot and from there, into the PRS lot; unfortunately, sometimes, the alley is blocked.  21st Street, which may be an alternative access point at some time in the future, is currently blocked at the Market Street intersection by road construction.

We would suggest that if you’re coming to the PRS office, for the foreseeable future, you keep your cell phone handy.  As an alternative, you may be able to take care of an issue without making a trip to the office.  You may call us at (314) 241-0800 or e-mail us at to get assistance.