2017 Board of Trustees Election Information

2017 Board of Trustees Election Information

At the close of this year’s Trustee Election Filing Period (4:00 PM, 8/11/2017), the following have filed a Declaration of Candidacy for the positions of Active Trustee and Retiree Trustee to this System’s Board of Trustees for the three-year Terms of Office which begin October 1, 2017:

Active Trustee:       Mickey Owens

Retiree Trustee:    George Weindel

                             James R. Wurm

                                     Thomas Gerrein

 Voting for Position of ACTIVE Trustee:

Active trustee election information will be electronically sent to all active commissioned officers who are members of the PRS via their "slmpd.org" email address. Voting will also be conducted electronically through their “Member Direct Account” on the pension system’s website, www.stlouisprs.org. (Members who have not set up their Member Direct Account and need assistance should contact the pension office at 314-241-0800 ASAP.) Election information will be sent from the following email address DoNotReply@stlouisprs.org on Friday, September 1, 2017. Only votes cast prior to 4 PM on September 15th will be counted.

 Voting for Position of RETIREE Trustee:

Envelopes bearing the return address of the System’s auditor, Hochschild, Bloom & Company LLC and marked “Official Pension Ballot” will be mailed to the home of record of every retired officer on Friday, September 1, 2017. Only those ballots received in the auditor’s office prior to 4 PM on September 15th will be counted. 

The results of both elections will be announced on Friday, September 15, 2017 after 4:00 PM.